Miso for Life Book Launch, with IdeateTV

The beautiful host Michelle Cho and IdeateTV interviews me at the Miso for Life book launch in L.A. This isn’t related directly to TZ, but it’s about an essay I wrote for the Miso for Life anthology about the work ethic and philosophy on love I learned from my father. I’ve applied that ethic and philosophy to my work at TZ.

I’ll be honest: it’s tough watching myself on video. I cringe and look away every time I play this. I need more training. =) Michelle is phenomenal at what she does though and she is going to have an amazing career. Isn’t she just gorgeous on camera?

Click here to visit the Miso for Life anthology website.

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Progress Report: A little bit of new sampling.

As someone working full-time in another industry, it’s been tough finding uninterrupted time to devote to fashion design. Yet I am still at it. Some of the materials I chose before turned out to not be ISO compliant. The ISO establishes international standards of quality and safety. Since meeting the requirements are not always required, many factories pretty much ignore them. Finding factories that don’t has proven to be a bit of a challenge.

Random insert: That Executive bag is still one of my favorites. When I carry it, someone will end up commenting on it. The bag is not for the packrat, however. It will fit a few case files, a slim, light notebook computer, and maybe some girly essentials, but that’s it. Some of the other bags in the collection will be better suited for those who lug around half their earthly possessions. The Workaholic, for instance!

Packaging is yet another issue to worry about and worry I have. I’ve sketched out numerous different styles of boxes and dust bags and still have not decided on what I like best yet. Below is what I currently like the best. To further protect the bags during shipping, I’m thinking of packaging them in shoebox-like boxes, with a cool magnetic flap as shown below. But who knows. I’m still at the drawing board phase.

I’ve also been doodling a few new designs and sampling. Below are snapshots of a few new samples. No guarantees yet as to which will make the cut into the final collection. =)

I swear I think I am the slowest startup fashion designer, ever. Sure, success doesn’t happen overnight. But this may be getting just a tad ridiculous. =P Ah well. Slow and steady, we continue. Thank you to all who have remained patient and supportive!


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Thank you, AA Limelight!

A huge thank you to Linh Phung from AA Limelight. She’s amazing and I expect to hear about all her inevitable great achievements in the future! Keep your eyes on her, folks.

Anyhoo. I did a video interview with AA Limelight. I haven’t been able to re-watch the video, not for more than 10 seconds of it, because I end up cringing, fumbling with my mouse to click it off, then hiding under my desk because hiding under my desk will definitely improve my speaking skills. It’s so hard watching or hearing yourself on a recording. “I don’t really look and sound like that…do I?”

Click here to visit the site or read the interview transcript.

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Glimpse Inside a Handbags Factory

What’s it like inside a handbags factory? Whenever I’m able to, I try to show you what I see as I go through my journey. Please note the above is a very cute handbag, but not one of my designs. Typically, one factory contracts with multiple designers. I’m pretty impressed with the list of designers I share this factory with! I would totally rock that above-pictured bag! =)

The making of a handbag starts with patterns. Some designers cut their own patterns and then send them to the factory. Other designers defer to the factory. In the above case, a designer has probably submitted design briefs and the samples master (his hands pictured above) is now carefully cutting patterns per the briefs.

Once production for a handbag begins, molds are created from the patterns and leathers are pre-cut. This makes assembly of many of the same bag a little easier.

There’s a fellow operating one of those machines that uses the molds to cut the pattern pieces.

This woman is smoothing down the otherwise rough edges of the leather pieces.

This man is doing the same thing, by a different method for thicker, coarser leathers.

And now assembly and sewing begins!

The woman above is using a hammer and a cool tool to punch holes into the bag for the hardware.

This guy is doing the same thing, with a different tool called a tailors awl. He’s hand-punching eyelet holes. (When I was making my own handbags at home at the start of this venture, I didn’t have a tailors awl. So I attempted to use a screwdriver instead… sorta kinda worked but not really… anyway…)

I have been quite inactive on this blog, I know, but TZ is still going forward, slow and steady. We’ve hit quite a few snafus along the way, though nothing has deterred us yet. Thanks for your continued support!

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On Spring Vacay

Screenshot of Hubby & I on TV.

Be back soon!

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