Work-in-Progress: The Associate, continued.

Please note that the following handbags represent first prototypes and serious blunders. This blog documents our trials and errors and tracks our progress from inexperienced start-up to launching the Taryn Zhang brand. Please bear that in mind as you look through these photos and illustrations.

The shoulder straps idea isn’t working out on The Associate. The straps look like crap. This one is going to have to be another clutch. In the future, I’m going to attempt leather braided straps, braiding 4 to 6 thin leather cords together instead of these thick bands.

Other than wasting three dollars worth of synthetic croc leather, the going is good. The stitches I’m doing by hand are getting straighter, more even, and the stitches I do by machine don’t bunch up; I’ve got the tension and pacing down, finally.

By the way, pins cannot be overestimated. I’m too cheap to buy pins, so these came from the collared shirts that my husband buys. The shirts are always pinned together. I’ve been saving them for my sewing uses.

Almost done. I wish I didn’t have such a busy and demanding day job. The purse-making gig would be a lot more efficient if I didn’t have to stop-and-go, stop-and-go. In sum, though, I’m super-thrilled that my lines are getting straighter.

See Work-in-Progress: The Associate, link.

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