doodling the alpha collection

Doodling a few of the purses from the tentative Alpha Collection:


I should probably splurge on a few sketchpads. Instead, I draw in composition notebooks. =)


These five handbags (six actually, since the Overachiever is a tote and clutch duo) have made it into production mode. More about these designs here and here.

The Duchess was the first handbag I ever designed, a few days before the NY bar. The Peripatetic went through many transformations, but I finally settled on a hobo. A purse with that namesake only made sense as a hobo bag. The Postmodernist was a very recent design, from a few days ago. I may still change this one; not entirely happy with it just yet. The Overachiever is the bag I designed around my lifestyle. I want a big bag, a weekender tote, something that will fit my laptop and case files. For that mid-day coffee run, however, I wouldn’t want to lug the giant tote with me, so I like that this comes with the matching clutch, which I’d use as a wallet. Finally, The Workaholic, which I may change around and revise as well.

My sisters critique The Workaholic to be too similar to The Overachiever. Of course as the designer, I would argue it’s totally different. 😉 The Workaholic is a more compact tote, that fits magazines upright, rather than on their sides like in The Overachiever. Also, there’s all those front zippered pockets on The Workaholic and the pleating. There’s no pleating on The Overachiever tote. Construction of the bags are different. In any regard, their critiques are worth thinking over.

If all fares well, I’ll be getting my samples done by the end of this year. I’m well on my way toward the anticipated Fall 2010 launch.

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