What designers do when they get the flu

I endured a debilitating case of the flu this Thanksgiving holiday. I had all this work itemized on my to-do list and I got to less than half of it. Hubby kept insisting that I stay in bed. “Lay there and do nothing but watch TV, like a normal sick person,” he said. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t do real work either, so I passed the flu-ridden time with mindless doodling.


All done while bedridden with a stuffy nose, fever, and sexy mucus clogging up my throat–





Model is holding The Peripatetic, in jade green


None of this bears any relevance toward business development. These doodles are for my amusement only. Samples of the Alpha Collection are in production, so there isn’t much I can do until they arrive. =/ To pass the time, I’m brainstorming for the Lookbook.


The Overachiever, weekender tote with shoulder strap & clutch


Yeah. I know. There’s something funny going on with her right arm/hand.


The purse doesn’t match the dress. In the original (black & white) sketch, I had intended the purse to be white and the dress to be white. Then I started playing around with the image in Jasc Paint Shop Pro and, feverish and coughing while rubbing my nose raw with tissues, somehow the purse became brown and the dress blue. Yikes.


Model is holding a very poor rendering of The Duchess…

… I sure hope the actual one comes out looking better than that.
And anyone wearing that dress should not be carrying that purse. Fail. 🙁


There we go. Better!


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