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Weekend Work & Happy Holidays

The TZ promotional postcards to be printed, 6.0″ x 6.0″: I spent the weekend going over the numbers, calculating financial projections, and when the math started to strain my brain, I designed meself a postcard. (One of the books I’ve … Continue reading

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Edufacation: When Nerds Design

I am reminded again why I love books. You may learn anything you need to learn from books, like fashion and design. The books that are teaching me more than I ever presumed I would need to know: Helen J. … Continue reading

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Alpha Collection Inspiration Board

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The TZ Logo

We now have a logo. Yay! When I sat down to design the logo, I knew I wanted something that brought to mind the Chinese ink seals, which are carved stamps that were used in ancient times for signatures. When stamped or … Continue reading

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Pronouncing Taryn Zhang

When I first married my husband, I contemplated changing my name, except if I did, I’d forever be mispronouncing my own name. I cannot pronounce “Zhang” correctly. My husband and his family pronounce it something akin to “Jrrohhng.” My tongue … Continue reading

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