Edufacation: When Nerds Design

I am reminded again why I love books. You may learn anything you need to learn from books, like fashion and design.

The books that are teaching me more than I ever presumed I would need to know:

Helen J. Armstrong, Patternmaking for Fashion Design (Prentice Hall 3rd ed. 1999);

Gini S. Frings, Fashion: From Concept to Consumer (Prentice Hall 9th ed. 2007);

Sharon L. Tate, Inside Fashion Design (Prentice Hall 5th ed. 2003);

Kathryn McKelvey and Janine Munslow, Fashion Design: Process, Innovation and Practice (Wiley-Blackwell, 2003); and

    Mary Gehlhar, The Fashion Designer Survival Guide (Kaplan Publishing, 2008).

    It’s like law school all over again. I’m highlighting passages, placing little color-flag-stickies (I have no idea what they’re formally called) to bookmark the chapters I want to reread, and taking notes. For Gehlhar’s book, I even started an outline.

    There is an academic element to fashion and since I lack the degree from a design school, this is my best alternative. I found the titles to these books by searching online for design school syllabuses (or syllabi? apparently both forms of the plural are correct) and noting the required readings posted by the instructors. The above five books were the ones I decided on.

    Samples production for the Alpha Collection isn’t even complete yet and I am already eager to apply the knowledge I’ve learned from these books to design the Beta Collection. Nuts.

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