Pronouncing Taryn Zhang

When I first married my husband, I contemplated changing my name, except if I did, I’d forever be mispronouncing my own name. I cannot pronounce “Zhang” correctly. My husband and his family pronounce it something akin to “Jrrohhng.” My tongue hurts when I try to pronounce it that way. So I say “Zayng,” like zany with a twang.

Wrong or right, that is how I pronounce it. Zany with a twang. And that’s how anybody trying to say Taryn Zhang should say the Zhang.

As for Taryn, some say tear-in, like tear my heart to shreds, while I say tahr-en. It’s softer sounding. Tar, like the viscous black stuff. En, like enchant, or entice. Tahr-en Zayng.


In Chinese, the name of the brand is pronouned “da lun,” my mother’s best transliteration for Taryn. Normal this name is not! The majority of the native Chinese population would wring their faces at the juxtaposition of those two characters and look puzzled. However, I love the poetry of the name, and the meaning behind it.

Also, not sure if anybody noticed this, but I thought I’d be cute by drawing the first character “da” in “da lun” on one of my two-dimensional models from the previous post. I drew it from memory (while sick with the flu; that’s my excuse!) and it turns out it was wrong. In fact, I had drawn a completely different word.


See the error? The top square thing isn’t connected to the bottom line like I had done on the model’s tee. Oops! =P

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