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We now have a logo. Yay!

When I sat down to design the logo, I knew I wanted something that brought to mind the Chinese ink seals, which are carved stamps that were used in ancient times for signatures. When stamped or silk-screened, the intertwining of the T and Z won’t be noticeable, as you see above, but it will (or should) be in the embossed metal logo plates that I have made a part of every handbag from the Alpha Collection. See as follows:


It’s hypocritical of me to talk about how silly handbags look when the brand name appears disproportionately large on the bag and then proceed to smack a 2″ x 2″ metal logo plate on everything I’m producing. However, this is my debut collection and I am launching a new line. It’s important to establish brand recognition right now, so that is why every purse in the Alpha Collection displays the metal (stainless steel) logo plate. In the future, there will be purses with no obvious logos.


Above is the embroidered label that will be stitched into the interior lining of every handbag. It shows off the signature trade colors of Taryn Zhang: brown, black, and pink. I’m thinking about taking off the “International.” It adds no value to this label.

My manufacturer is now in the process of making the copper mold for the embossed plates. I OK-ed the proofs this past weekend and can’t wait to see the actual plates.

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