The Wait

Sitting in my "corner office." This is where I design.

Issue after issue has cropped up and now, when I was supposed to get the first round of samples by Christmas of last year, I won’t be getting the samples even in time for Valentine’s Day. March 2010 is the new projected finish date. March. That means we’re 10 weeks behind schedule.

When I started on the debut collection in Fall 2009 with (what seemed at the time as) the distant future launch date of Fall 2010, I questioned whether I was being a bit of an early bird, starting a full year in advance. Clearly I was not. At this point, it will be rush-rush just to meet the Fall 2010 goal. I’ve still got quality testing to do, photo shoots, lookbooks, line sheets, dossiers, meetings with prospective buyers, arranging for a visit to Guangzhou, corporate and administrative stuff and of course, production of the debut collection and final QA. All I can do at the moment is pray that it will all work out in the end and when the samples do finally arrive in March, work like an ox. (Oxen are stereotypically hard workers, right?)

On a happy note, the factory seems to be working in earnest and in good faith to do everything it can to materialize my vision.

Mobile Phone Pics of the "Day Job Office"

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