Critical Color and Material Issues to Correct

Please note that the following handbags represent first prototypes and serious blunders. This blog documents our trials and errors and tracks our progress from inexperienced start-up to launching the Taryn Zhang brand. Please bear that in mind as you look through these photos and illustrations. 

If your perceptions may allow you to believe that this bag is pink…   


…more specifically, a shade of pink I like to informally and fondly refer to as L.A. Socialite Pink. You know the pink I’m talking about. That light cotton candy I’m-a-girly-flirty-trust-fund-baby pink. First, I don’t know if the color of the above-photographed bag would be considered pink; and even if I run with the assumption that it is in fact pink, I don’t know if it comes close to falling within the notion of L.A. Socialite Pink. 

Though I will say this: if I stare at that bag long enough and down enough glasses of wine, I start to think that actually, the color and style of this is bag is kinda cute…kinda…well, at least it’s not horrible like the other sample previously posted.   

Bird's Eye View


Here is the same bag in a color intended to be cream. Then again, it’s evident here that the color problem started with my sketch. The color of the illustrated bag is canary yellow, not “cream.” What could I have thus expected for the output? 

There is also the issue (though now it sure seems like a negligible one compared to everything else we’re dealing with) of the samples made without the silver-tone metal link chains (see sketch above) or the contrast trimming for the side pockets. Plus, this bag is supposed to come with a detachable adjustable shoulder strap, but I sure don’t see any hooks on that bag for such a strap. Triple oops. 


Now let’s get to the bag that should have been one of my favorites, the Workaholic shoulder tote. 


The material itself is lovely and soft, ideal for most ladies’ handbags, just not this one. No. This bag should have been made out of a harder, glossier, completely smooth material, case-like, sturdy, and structured. 

In the front, that diagonal line from the illustration indicates an open pocket. It’s clear from the photograph that the sample omitted the open pocket detail and simply sewed across to create the look of that diagonal line. 

Sketch of the Workaholic design, from Nov '09

Finally (sadly), the photographs of these first samples make it apparent to me (and to everybody) that my metal logo plaque is fugly. It looks cheap. It’s too big. 2 inch x 2 inch? What was I thinking?! What convinced me that a 2 inch x 2 inch metal square slapped onto the front of every bag would look good, when I myself am one who normally loathes huge obvious logos on my clothes and accessories? 


Irony is one of my favorite literary devices. The above weekender tote design was named the Overachiever. What a disaster. Overachiever my *$$. 

This bag was intended to be a grad student bag, something to fit big textbooks and a laptop. It also comes with a detachable adjustable shoulder strap, which is missing. That’s okay though. The missing shoulder strap is the least of my worries for this sample. 


And where is the matching clutch that is supposed to go with the Overachiever bag set? In theory, there should be a compartment inside the weekender tote that houses this matching clutch. Run around campus all day lugging the tote, and at night when it’s time to go out, leave the tote in the car and take the clutch with you. Except the factory forgot all about the clutch. It simply wasn’t made. So now we’re waiting on that… I mean shucks; what else could go wrong? 

[Now I need to go find some wood to knock on because knowing my luck…] 


Originally named the Catalyst, this particular bag shall now be called the Stuffed Lobster. 

For a line of vegan handbags, I’m not sure why these samples are coming out looking like dead animals. Case in point, the previous post with the Kindred Spirit looking like a panda-bear-mutated-into-a-purse. Now this


Also, the material for this bag should have been hard, glossy, smooth, and there should be a women’s briefcase look to the Catalyst. Instead, the actual material used above looks like fabric, or nylon, or something that I definitely did not ask for. 

"Stupid human. All that money would have been better spent on Fancy Feast for me!"

Looking at all this another way, you could say that I simply paid the tuition cost for Handbag Design 101. Talk about a hands-on learning experience. No independent study course I took in undergrad or grad school compares to what I’ve gone through these last few months.

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