“No more changes!”

My original vision for the Modernist was a clutch just big enough to fit a literary journal or small notebook, and styled in a way that would conform to the dress code of most evening functions. Every girly-girl told me that an evening clutch shouldn’t be that big; it should fit a lip gloss, compact, a smartphone, some currency, and that’s it. Maybe I’m just a packrat, but that is not it for me, and that became crystal clear when I attended one of those formal galas and found myself dreadfully bored, in need of reading material. I had none, because the purse I carried would never have fitted a book.

Enter the Modernist. An evening clutch for the modernist woman, a woman who cannot go anywhere without a paperback or small diary. It’d come in a metallic silver with gold trimming; another in a sheeny black; sheeny red; etc.

For my sample, I ordered one in metallic silver with gold trimming.

Then the first round of prototypes came in and I realized this was not going to work out. I decided to change completely the idea behind the Modernist.

I turned it into a portfolio, now a day clutch of sorts, a modernist interpretation of that old black thing we used to take with us to job interviews, presentations, or conferences. Now the Modernist would fit a writing notepad, like the ones found in portfolios, and have compartments for organized storage of resumes, handouts, and such. The style is chic enough to express a feminine personality, but conservative and “boring” enough to fit into any corporate culture.

Excited, I turned my revision notes and changed measurements in to the manufacturer. They confirmed receipt and started work on it.

One night later, it dawned on me that I completely forgot to tell the manufacturer to modify the colors. I had ordered the original evening clutch Modernist in metallic colors, which would have worked well for its original party-party purposes, but a job interview or conference portfolio Modernist in silver and gold?!?! Exactly. Guess it’d depend what kind of job interview or conference one was going to, but generally the idea of a flashy metallic portfolio is borderline absurd.

SO. Realizing that I have now changed my mind “like a girl changes clothes” (love that song, btw), I nervously approached the manufacturer and asked whether I could change the colors for my sample order on the Modernist. These samples are to be shown to prospective wholesale buyers, and if I’m pitching the Modernist to them as a career portfolio and then whip out a big 9.75″ x 13.5″ disco ball of a thing to show, I won’t be taken seriously.

I wanted to change the sample to a light or medium gray, with black trimming.

The manufacturer, in kinder more professional words, told me, “No more changes!” And the answer was no. By April, I am going to be getting a Modernist portfolio in shiny silver and gold. I have NOOO clue what I am going to do with that thing.

I just e-mailed one final plea to change the colors of the Modernist sample “regardless of material.” I am begging them to use any old business-y colors they have on hand to make the sample — black, brown, navy, a dark subdued red, gray, any boring color at all will do, just not silver and gold. Pray, pray…

Now, off to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. That’s my light at the end of a long, exhausting tunnel of a week. Nothing has been going right these last 5 days in either my day job or this purse business. A quick getaway is long overdue.

Photo Update: James & Sunny, Reno, NV; Lake Tahoe weekend getaway

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