Back to Square One

July 2009, right before the New York bar, is when I decided to start my own line of handbags and accessories. It’s now April 2010 and apparent to me that I’ve spent the last 8 or 9 months walking in a big circle. I’m back where I started.

It’s painful for me to look at the samples that I spent the last 6 months making. They represent an unprecedented state of ugliness. Hoping for a silver lining, I’d like to think that I’ve learned from all this. I’ve got a better idea now of what can and cannot be done, and how or how not to approach certain issues. Right now feels like a tempting time to give up, throw in the towel; but I won’t. There are still miles to go before I’ll sleep. =)

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  • xxxtine

    The worse thing you can do is give up … so hang in there! The challenges you face today, will all be worth the success you gain tomorrow.

  • AppleSidra

    Sigh. That is the hope. That is certainly the hope.

  • Maeko

    I love your early designs. The clutch and the carry-all. The sketches were a dream! Maybe it's just figuring out which materials will work best and then refining your communication technique so that the manufacturers don't suck this time? Like I said, the sketches were brilliant. I don't think they should be 100% scrapped!

  • AppleSidra

    Thanks. That means a lot to me. =) I liked the clutch too, on paper, but for some reason every time we went to try to make an actual clutch, the actual clutched looked awful. Arrrgh. You cannot believe how frustrating all this can get. =*(