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Big Sur + R&R + Inspiration

Many of our friends and colleagues utilized the 3-day weekend to network, going to events throughout the city, but Hubby and I aren’t networkers of any sort to speak of. We spend our leisure time with each other (or I … Continue reading

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Swatch Selection II: Options Galore

It did not work out so well the first time around, but that’s because I didn’t have swatch books! These are fantastic. In fact, I’m experiencing options overload. I had a same-day flight to and from L.A. yesterday for work … Continue reading

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Pink Femme, Red Femme: Notes on Insecurity

In the last 15 years of makeup purchases, I have never bought red lipstick. (I may have bought red nail polish once as a tween, back when you could get a bottle for a dollar if you looked hard enough … Continue reading

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Enter Try #2

    It’s time to formally put away Try #1 and enter the next phase, Try #2. Actually, the above photos is more of a pictorial of Try #1.5. The real Try #1 was learning to make the handbags by hand, and sewing them myself. … Continue reading

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