Swatch Selection II: Options Galore

It did not work out so well the first time around, but that’s because I didn’t have swatch books! These are fantastic. In fact, I’m experiencing options overload.

I had a same-day flight to and from L.A. yesterday for work and what transpired there drained all my energy. I thought I’d stay in bed all weekend to recuperate from quite the stressful week, but then the package arrived on my doorstep: the swatch books from my manufacturer in Hong Kong! Yay! Forget the bed! It’s gonna be a Taryn Zhang weekend! Samples production Part II commences, officially now!

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  • emmayamada

    Love the purple and lavender shades !

  • emmayamada

    By the way, glad you are back blogging !

  • Nina

    wow, thank you so much for your kind comment. it blew me away and i'm so flattered. i really appreciate your support! thank u, thank u, thank u! ~ nina from

  • Mae

    You could always sit in bed and do swatches from there! God, those turkish teal swatches and those mustards really just scream my name.

    PS. I started a new style site. It is linked here. But I won't be neglecting my original website. It'll just be a more personal site and the new style site is meant for marketing myself and my “brand.”

  • TZ

    Hey Mae! Yes, I checked out the new style site. Gorgeous pics, as usual. Will definitely be keeping up with both, and it'll be interesting to see the discrepancies between the personal and the style one!

  • TZ is awesome! Yes, you have my fullest support~!

  • TZ

    And glad you decided to continue blogging! (I read the recent entries on your site; definitely glad you chose to stick around! I'm a subscriber!)

    For me, there's always hesitancy before I blog here. =/ I always wonder, insecurely, is this even interesting to anyone? Is what I'm about to disclose to the world wide web TMI? Sigh.

  • emmayamada

    Thank You for understanding. I am super glad that someone with class like you follows my blog. It is a self esteem boost.

  • emmayamada

    Also Thanks for the comment on my blog ! I will post pics of the Anne Klein shoes later today. AK is Fabulous !

  • kobukson

    The best feeling in the world is when you come home from work and you see that brown cardboard box with the goodies that you ordered sitting by the door waiting for you. In such moments, I stop being a cranky fucker and regress into a little kid during Christmas.