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“That’s not how you calculate cost and value.”

Thank you, Emma of Bella’s Closet, for hosting the CSN Stores giveaway. I was thrilled about winning the gift card! Of course I headed straight for the handbags and shoes section, found a bit of a scarcity in the handbags … Continue reading

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Progress report: we’re coming along

Please note that the following handbags represent first prototypes and serious blunders. This blog documents our trials and errors and tracks our progress from inexperienced start-up to launching the Taryn Zhang brand. Please bear that in mind as you look … Continue reading

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Little Change, Big Difference & How Fashion Design Is A Lot Like Creative Writing

The more I looked at the original design for the Tycooness doctor style satchel, the more the handles bothered me. I changed it slightly and I believe that change saves the bag. In fact, I can’t even look at the … Continue reading

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Interior Lining: Vertical or Horizontal Stripes?

In the future I would love to design my own textile and have a custom copyrightable interior lining of my own, but for now, I’ve selected a classic black-and-gray striped fabric. The issue at hand is whether those stripes should … Continue reading

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Meandering in Vegas

First off, that is not the “Vegas-y outfit” I referenced in a previous post, which I said I intended to wear. I ended up not even packing it because I chickened out. “I can’t honestly wear that in public! I’m … Continue reading

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