Interior Lining: Vertical or Horizontal Stripes?

In the future I would love to design my own textile and have a custom copyrightable interior lining of my own, but for now, I’ve selected a classic black-and-gray striped fabric. The issue at hand is whether those stripes should be vertical or horizontal.

The vertical stripes remind me of candy packaging, boardwalks, and referees. None of the aforementioned evoke a sense of elegance. Yet I like it.

The horizontal stripes are a bit of an eye sore, like those optical illusions. I don’t think the interior of a handbag should be an optical illusion. Yet the horizontal stripes don’t look so shabby either. Hence the debate. Should I go with the vertical or the horizontal?

I post this in the event that my friends would like to offer their input. I’ve decided not to get back to the manufacturer right away with my answer. Instead, I’m going to sleep on it a bit. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, vertical or horizontal stripes, but it is. The details will make or break you.

All illustrations above were rendered in MS Paint.

2010.07.16 Update.

Via Facebook and private messages, my pals have convinced me. Vertical stripes. We’ll be going with vertical stripes for the interior lining. Vertical stripes will hereinafter remind you of candy packaging, boardwalks, referees and…Taryn Zhang! =P

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  • emmayamada

    I am in LOVE with the Vertical Stripes !! That is a Must !

  • Mae Lu

    I like the vertical stripe with pink. It's playful and charming. It also seems kind of feminine, in a way. Slim, tall women. I think it could also make a really, really cute coin wallet just the way it is.

    I think the horizontal looks too much like Sephora with the pink. With the beige badges and zipper lining, I think the beige kind of blends into the black and grey fabric. I don't really like it. I think it kind of makes the inside of your bag kind of blah, which should not be the case, because the bags themselves are so full of character!

    What about doing a square tiled print, taking inspiration from your logo?

  • TZ

    Hey Mae! Thanks. Yes, I think I'm going to go with the vertical stripes. =) As for the color of the interior zipper reinforcement and embossed logo patches, the color of it will match the color of the bag, so if the color of the bag is antique rose, then the zipper reinforcement and logo patch is antique rose; if it's black on the outside, then the detailings on the inside are black, etc.

    The checkered idea would definitely work, but for costing reasons, there were no checkered or tiled prints that I liked available in the swatch sets I could select from. =*( I hate it when costing is a factor. Of the swatches for interior lining I could select from for budgeting reasons, this was the best, and I'll have you know, this is already upper-middle range (because the material itself is high quality and durable)! Crazy, isn't it!?

  • Jennif Hsieh

    awww your comment is so sweet, thanks :)

    and i love both designs, although i'm definitely leaning towards the vertical stripes. i'm definitely feeling a unique type of elegance to the design. :)

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