Meandering in Vegas

First off, that is not the “Vegas-y outfit” I referenced in a previous post, which I said I intended to wear. I ended up not even packing it because I chickened out. “I can’t honestly wear that in public! I’m not 21 anymore!” When Hubby saw what I ended up wearing, he was like, that’s not “Vegas,” honey, that’s “country club.” What’s more, I wasn’t going to let the singular fact that the evening clutch/handbag totally did not match the floral blue dress stop me from using the handbag that I spent all last weekend working on! And so there it is. What you see above. Nonsense fashion.

And what about some no-nonsense fashion? See below. You ready for it?

I… love… this dress. I didn’t even see the sign above the store yet and knew exactly who designed this. Carolina Herrera. It’s still elegant and classic-Herrera, but so relevant in the context of my generation and the climate of today’s fashion sensibilities. With that said, not just anybody could pull off this dress. It’s so intense  that it would wear most of its wearers. Pretty much, it looks better on the mannequin than it would on any normal everyday woman. It’s an Excalibur of a dress, so after taking the photo, I humbly went on my way. Can’t wait to see which celebrity does end up wearing it on the red carpet.

Anyway, for 24 hours this past weekend, Hubby and I ate. The Buffet of Buffets. Such gluttons. People go to Vegas to gamble, to watch the shows, to let loose and check out the vibrant night scene. Hubby and me? We… we go to eat. And eat. And eat. We were scarfing down fruit tarts, flan, ice cream, and cheesecakes at Planet Hollywood when Spain won the World Cup.

There’s a happy Hubby.

And there’s a happy me (albeit a happy me in dire need of a tan).

As for my tote, it’s Franco Sarto, known more for shoes, but the handbags are great too. The style is cheerful and upbeat. The above is the Vandalay A-line shopper tote. Impeccable detailing; loving the gazillion and one zip pockets; synthetic leather so no animals killed, and yet the material is soft, plush, and gorgeous; and best of all, it fits everything a packrat like me brings on a weekend getaway. Bought it a while ago though, so it’s kind of old and beat-up now.

Photo from the plane over Burbank, California.

We kept away from Internet all weekend. Monday morning I signed on and found out that two of the fabric sources I wanted for my collection were a no. And, folks, it’s back to reality. Sigh. I cried a little river, then got over it and pursued alternative fabric sources. C’est la vie.

I did try to keep the designing wheels greased, so to speak, on the flights to and from. There’s always a sketchbook in my purse. The page on the left is a doodle of an attache I won’t ever be producing. I don’t like it. Don’t even know why I drew it. The page on the right is the Tycooness doctor bag that’ll be in the debut collection. The Tycooness comes with 2 small zip pouches for makeup and things. The legal pad behind it on the left is from work. I can’t for the life of me remember why there’s the word “wheat” scribbled there! My line of work has nothing nothing to do with wheat. Weird. Very weird.

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  • emmayamada

    You Look Absolutely adorable ! You are so Young and Cute you could wear anything ! Besides you look only 21 : )
    btw, your handbag in the first pic looks very Chanel.

  • TZ

    I love Chanel, so that's a compliment. =) And, hon, I definitely do not look 21. No one… NO one carded me in Vegas! =*( Not to mention the concierge of our hotel immediately greeted us as “Mr. and Mrs. Zhang.” I look old enough to be a “Mrs. Zhang”!

  • emmayamada

    I am doing a giveaway on my Blog ! I would love it if you would enter. I just finished the post !

  • emmayamada

    And yes, You do look young, maybe the people in Vegas thought you were a kid and they wanted to do you a favor by not carding you : ) I went to the supermarket to get wine the other night and I didn't get carded, it kind of bummed me out. All of that aside, you look Great !

  • TZ

    Entered! =D Hope I did it right tho… I'm horrible at following directions. =(

  • TZ

    P.S. That's so cool that you're doing a giveaway!

  • emmayamada

    Yes, you did. I am very excited about this giveaway. I feel like I finally am getting somewhere lol

  • Asiancajuns (Cath)

    I went to Vegas for the first time last month and was so disappointed that most people just wear shorts, white sneakers and touristy tshirts – even out for the evening! You would have stood out in your gorgeous and not tacky outfit. It might not be stereotypically Vegas, but it's a great outfit. Go you!

  • TZ

    Haha, I noticed that too this past weekend. Shorts, T-shirts or tanks, and flip flops. And those hideous cross-body travel purses that are only one notch less trauma inducing than fanny packs. Don't get me wrong, there are really cute cross-body purses, but you know which hideous ones I'm talking about!

    Oh, but if you hover around the nightclubs on the strip when it's after 9 pm, you'll see a ton of sassy outfits! *THAT* was what I meant by “Vegas-y outfit,” which I ended up not even packing let alone wearing!

  • Eboni Ife

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love that Carolina Herrerra dress! it is so gorgeous!

    And whoa! what great sketches! I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog too :)