Progress report: we’re coming along

Please note that the following handbags represent first prototypes and serious blunders. This blog documents our trials and errors and tracks our progress from inexperienced start-up to launching the Taryn Zhang brand. Please bear that in mind as you look through these photos and illustrations.

We’re getting there slowly but surely.

Contrast stitching makes me happy. I like how it looks. So most of the bags in this debut collection feature contrast stitching.

Above is a Round 1 prototype from 5-ish months ago. I lamented over the production here and here.

Below is from Round 2. Here’s a preview while the bag is being constructed:

Excuse the illustration at left; it was a sketch from when I thought the metal TZ logo plate would still be 2″ x 2″. Then I changed it to 1″ x 1″ for Round 2, which is what you see in the photo at right. To get a sense of the former 2×2, scroll up and view the round 1 prototype. Yikes. See why I decided it had to be smaller for round 2? In any case, I’m really liking the 1×1 plates! =) (Then again, this is what I said about the 2×2 plates when they first came out, so I’m an unreliable narrator.)

We’ve encountered a few bumps with production of the other designs, but nothing serious enough to make me roll up into a ball and cry. All is coming along generally well.

Looking at the totality, I’m seeing a very distinct aesthetic coming out of Taryn Zhang. (I say this like I have no control over it and I’m not the designer behind the line or anything.) Not to keep drawing comparisons back to creative writing, but it really is like creative writing. Writers have an idea of what they want to write, but once the manuscript is done, the characters take on a life of their own, oftentimes a personality the writer did not intend. Applied here, the bags technically look like what I designed, but there’s a– a something I hadn’t consciously infused into the brand’s point of view. From a business marketing and purely non-art perspective, that’s something I’m going to have to analyze and understand before I put these bags up for sale.

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