“That’s not how you calculate cost and value.”

Thank you, Emma of Bella’s Closet, for hosting the CSN Stores giveaway. I was thrilled about winning the gift card! Of course I headed straight for the handbags and shoes section, found a bit of a scarcity in the handbags department, and so went for the shoes.

My line of work demands for corporate conservative, so that typically sways me toward closed-toe pumps, but I did sneak a few peep-toes into the mix as I deliberated what to get with the gift card.

Hubby, of course, pointed out that I already have too many shoes, and that we ought to “get something practical” instead. I had e-mailed him and my two fashionista sisters for a consultation. The e-mail exchange that ensued was quite cute, and a great representation of the family dynamics. I thought I’d share.

“That’s not how you calculate cost and value.” =) Classic Hubby-speak.

I would have proceeded to order shoes anyway, except every style I liked was out of size 6.5. Thus I deferred to Hubby.

We–or should I say he–got luggage, a set of matching roller thingies, whatever you call them. It’s for the two of us when we travel, because you know, there’s nothing cheesy at all about couples with matching luggage.

Now wait, back to the “grandma-ish style” comment from my 20-something year old sister. Grandma-ish!

Sigh. She’s right. Gone are the days of wearing Bebe and Forever 21. That is the greatest tragedy of growing up, exacerbated by my decision to pursue a career in law–I’ll never again try on different personalities with my clothes, won’t go rocker glam one day, punk another, or hip hop the next. Herehence and hereinafter, I won’t dare put on clear glass platform high heels and dye my hair bright pink. Doh! Forget the pink hair!– I now say things like “herehence and hereinafter”! Old, stuffy, and boring. I won a gift card and what do I buy? A luggage set. In gray. Seriously you don’t get more boring than that.

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