Old School Doodling: Executive and Ambitionist bags

The other day I observed a dashing woman waiting in line at a kiosk for her morning coffee. She carried what I believe to be her work files in a plain black canvas tote. While observing her, I thought how much lovelier a picture she’d make if she carried the Executive satchel brief instead. I whipped out my sketchbook and doodled her with my Executive satchel brief. =)

Another woman came by in an elegant gray skirt suit, and yet she carried the dowdiest messenger bag. What, do working women not have pretty bags to stash their files in? (=P) So I sketched her with the Ambitionist and its matching clutch. I doubt anyone would carry both at the same time like that, but in 2-D, reality becomes a negligible matter. Even as a rough on-the-spot sketch, I see how the Ambitionist, especially in that antique rose color, softens the woman’s corporate attire, while still remaining serious and ready for business. Who would have thought that pink could be serious?

[Note: The colors in the Ambitionist sketch were added later, after uploading the phone cam. images onto my computer, using the MS Paint paint can function.]

And there’s a clearer depiction of the bags. (These are drawn in MS Paint. I love MS Paint, in case no one has picked up on that by now.)

Then this weekend I really went to town with the sketching.

I drew the model freehand, then took a picture of the sketch with my digicam, then played around with it in Jasc Paint Shop Pro and MS Paint. Below is my samples sketch of the Executive’s front face, rendered in none other than MS Paint.

Onto the Ambitionist ladies’ attache and clutch set:

I switched the evening clutch model over to the right, so it’d be the day model then the night model, left to right.

“You should get Photoshop,” everyone tells me, but I think I’m at that point where I’m too old to learn new tricks. I’ve been using Jasc Paint and MS Paint since high school. Just last night Hubby offered to buy me one of those computer sketch pad thingies that’s pressure sensitive. Supposedly you sketch directly onto the pad and automatically create digital images of your sketches, rather than my old school way of drawing by hand then taking a picture of the drawing and then manipulating the picture of a picture.

Yikes, I can’t draw feet. That much is evident.

I told Hubby no, at least not yet. Maybe when I become a legitimate designer, I can then get legitimate designing toys. Plus, aren’t those things like hundreds of dollars? No. Thank. You.

Mr. Economist Hubby then went on and on about something value added something or net value or net worth or net something and how if that gadget saves me X number of hours then it would be an investment if I used said gadget over drawing freehand, taking pictures of pictures, and tediously cleaning up the images in Paint. I said with finality, “No, that sounds complicated. I prefer simple.” He looked exasperated. How is that more complicated than taking pictures of pictures and sitting there hunched over your computer screen manually erasing away the background? Then I tuned him out and proceeded with the manual erasing of the background. Sshhh. =P 

Also, I am sure there is an easier way to render the above sketch of handbags without drawing it line by line, curve by curve in MS Paint, and adding color via the paint can. Oh, that fun paint can function that reminds me of those boxy Apple computers and oversize floppy disks from elementary school. Two decades later, I’m still drawing with the same programs I used as a kid. Maybe I should graduate on to the world of Photoshop…

In any case, I am told that the first batch of samples (half the bags for the tentative Alpha Collection) will be ready by Monday. Can’t wait! Progress photos and sketch-to-reality comparisons coming soon!

Random Other Happenings this Past Weekend:

Hubby’s parents had taught us how to make the dough for dumpling wrappers and Chinese buns. I tweaked the recipe, adding sugar, a pinch of salt, butter, oil, and milk to the mixture with his parents’ too-simple-for-me flour, yeast, and water. The tweak made for a much softer, suppler dough, perfect for the buns. Typically you’d fill the buns with pork, but Hubby doesn’t eat pork, so we substitute with a baby bok choy, shitake mushrooms, and shrimp filling (seasoned with everything short of the kitchen sink: soy sauce, mirin, hoisin, sesame oil, red chili peppers, garlic, ginger…).

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