Intermission, cont’d.: My makeup bag for travel

I’m really, really new to all things beauty, style, and fashion, especially as it manifests on the blogosphere. Anyway, this intermission post (while samples production of my handbags concludes; we hope this week) was inspired by a video blog I watched. The woman, one of those YouTube sensations makeup gurus, presented the contents of her travel makeup bag– what she brought on weekend getaways– and I thought to myself, whoa! she brings more makeup with her on vacay than I think I own, in totality.

Anyway, I recently went away for a weekend trip and still had my travel makeup bag packed, so I thought to piggyback on aforesaid video blog, I’d photograph and then ramble about my own travel makeup bag. The contents also happen to accurately represent my daily makeup routine.

First, unlike the other girl, who had some lovely designer makeup bag the size of my head (and I have an unusually giant head), mine is the free one compliments of Asiana Airlines. It’s the bag that Asiana Airlines gives you when you travel business class, filled with lotion, toothpaste, disposable socks, and earplugs. Love it! The quality of this bag is astounding.

For face, I use Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse in Fair 020. It claims it has SPF 20 and that makes me feel good to think that I’ve put on my daily dose of SPF. I set with MAC’s Studio Fix in NC30. Quite possibly every other light-skinned Asian girl uses MAC NC30. For the last umpteen years, I could not find a well-matched powder to save my life, and then I watched a video blog by some makeup guru who had the same skintone as I did. She recommended this MAC NC30. It’s been a holy grail item of mine ever since. Thank you, YouTube!

For eyes, I line with Dior’s waterproof eyeliner pencil in black. I’m not one of those women with a gazillion eyeliner brands in her bathroom. I’ve got one. And it’s this one: Dior. Brows, it’s Rimmel. I don’t like this brow pencil. If anyone has recommendations, I’d love to hear. Then when I’m going fancy, I’ve got my Shiseido eyeshadow compact. There’s all these creamy browns in there. My mascara is Cover Girl LashBlast. Not a fan. Don’t hate it; don’t love it. Again, I’m open to recommendations for a better mascara. (Man, I feel like I’m being unfaithful to my brow pencil and mascara! I’m doing that whole “keeping your options open” thing! Terrible.)

Lips, it’s Aquaphor, which is the most fabulous moisturizing balm there is, bar none; then my favorite Palladio herbal lipstick in Brownie HL855; and then Nyx lipgloss in Iced Latte 125. Unlike eyeliner, which I only have one of, I have dozens of tubes of lip stuff. Dozens. I don’t know why, considering 95% of the time I only use the Palladio herbal.

My hand cream is by Lollia in fragrance Grenadine & Tonic. I can kind of be a germaphobe, so I also carry around Bath & Body’s anti-bacterial deep cleansing gel in Nectarine Mint.

Now, what I think is standout about my makeup bag compared to many other women’s makeup bags is that my bag has a total of 8 GBs storage capacity. That’s right. I won’t go anywhere without my USB flash drives, and for some reason or another, I tuck away those flash drives in my makeup bag.

I’m also thinking with the drop of so many product labels, I could potentially make a few dollars in ad revenue from this post, but since I’m not tech savvy enough to do so, this has turned into free advertising to a bunch of makeup companies that don’t actually need the endorsement.

Why are women typically so interested in the contents of other women’s makeup bags? I can’t deconstruct a rationale for it. All I know is I am infinitely fascinated by the “In My Bag” posts. So. What’s in your makeup bag? If you end up posting about it on your blog, drop me the link. =)

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