Alpha Collection (still tentative though) & Progress Report

As you can see immediately, I didn’t properly prop the pink weekender tote on the bottom left corner. Hubby suggests that we redo it, this time with dental floss tied to the two outer edges and him holding up the floss like marionette strings. That will show off the cool shape of the tote better.

Clockwise starting at 12 o’clock, we’ve got the Precisionist satchel, which comes with an ID wallet (not pictured); the Ambitionist briefcase and matching clutch (comes with a shoulder strap, not pictured); the Executive satchel brief (comes with a shoulder strap, not pictured); the Workaholic shoulder tote and wristlet clutch (center); the Peripatetic weekender tote (the pink one we were talking about earlier); and the Catalyst briefcase. The Catalyst also comes with a matching wristlet clutch similar to the Workaholic clutch (but not pictured).

We’re still waiting on our legit and professional photo shoot. Our legit and professional photo shoot with super-talented photographer Sherrie and former-pageant-queen model Heidi won’t happen until late September, or even October-ish. Hold your breath for it because there’s going to be some sick level of eye candy! =)

In the meantime, I had to settle for me as photographer. Today we shot just the bags in our living room.

That’s our kitchen table pushed up against the living room wall, and the white platform is the backboard of my IKEA bookshelf. Behind me we crowded every freestanding lamp in the house for makeshift lighting. No matter how we positioned them, we couldn’t get rid of the shadows. Ah well. Like I said. Legit and professional photo shoot forthcoming.

I’m also designing a temporary lookbook to use. Since I can’t wait until after the legit and professional photo shoot (late September early October, ish) to start wholesaler-hunting, we’ve recruited our friend Carolina to stand in temporarily as our model. This way I can create a lookbook asap and use it to query wholesalers. Carolina is the total package, definitely a “Taryn Zhang” woman– beautiful, intelligent, kind, successful in her career, and in a loving, wonderful marriage. We’ll be shooting by the bay Sunday afternoon. Pray for warm weather and bright skies!

In addition to working on minor edits to the bags, I’m also designing the dustbags. Every Taryn Zhang purse will come in a sturdy drawstring TZ dustbag. I can’t decide whether I want a minimalist black one with just the logo and brand name (above left) or mimic the black and gray stripes of the interior lining of the bags (above middle) or a repetitive pattern of the TZ logo (above right).

Final update: Everything so far has been in silver. Now we’re exploring our golden possibilities. Some of the bags will come in a gold-tone hardware option, such as the Workaholic set. You could get it in black with silver-tone hardware, for example, or black with gold-tone hardware. However, this gold option is still tentative. It really depends on how the gold samples come out.

Lookbooks, line sheets, hangtags and other details for packaging, edits to the bags for final production, and finding boutiques that are willing to carry my bags… oh, so much to do, so little time…

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