Preview: Our amateur photo shoot of Carolina

And the weekend is over! What a crazy two days. This afternoon, our friend Carolina graciously modeled a few of our bags for the wholesaler’s lookbook.

I love how she exemplifies the Taryn Zhang woman, highly accomplished, sophisticated, and has a huge heart. For example…

Mid-shooting, we had a little visitor. Carolina named him Lucas.

And she immediately stopped to feed Lucas. Aww… Everybody at Taryn Zhang loves animals. We use vegan leather; incidentally Hubby went to play tennis with a vegetarian that afternoon; and our model stops mid-shoot to feed the duckies. I love it.

Little Lucas really, really liked our model. Look at that!

Carolina’s not a professional model, by the way. She’s a financial analyst, with a master’s degree in financial engineering. Seriously. Why anyone thinks women can’t have both beauty and brains is beyond me.

There’s a preview. That’s one of the shots we took today. We took a bunch, and I’m slowly working my way through them. At first, we tried non-smiling, as-model-like-as-we-could-mimic poses, and they were all looking awkward. Finally, we decided to forget industry standards and just go totally natural. Perhaps a seasoned trained eye might be alarmed at what we did today, but we’re very happy with the results.

Oooh… that’s one cute lilac briefcase! =D

Some behind the scenes shots:

There’s my Hubby. He was playing tennis by the nearby courts during the shoot, and swung by on occasion to check on our progress.

I’ve been so busy and so involved with work that I hadn’t been paying any attention at all to my hair. These photos Hubby took alerted me that I need to book an appointment with my hairdresser, stat. ::shudders::

And this pretty much ends my wannabe-photographer days, because the professionals are coming in and taking over soon (late September, early October; pencil it in).

Now, lookbook-designing time. I’ll be showing off the final pics of Carolina very soon!

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