Prissy-Girl Moment at the Office

Samples production will conclude early next week. Until then, there isn’t anything pertaining to design or Taryn Zhang I can post about. I did have a prissy-girl moment at work this week, which I don’t mind sharing to pass the interim.

The heel of my shoe broke at the office and came unhinged today. (Sorry, no photos. At the time I was so focused on the broken heel, I didn’t think of anything else.)

Fortunately, I was at the retail home improvements subsidiary company location (I work as corporate counsel for said company), and on the first floor of the building is a showroom out front and a warehouse in the back.

I hobble downstairs into the warehouse (with one of the high heels broken, I couldn’t walk right). Wide-eyed and quite possibly looking a bit like a deer caught in headlights or my world as I know it about to come crumbling down, I declare, “I need superglue. I need to fix something.”

The warehouse is full of laborers, big scruffy men in blue-collared uniforms, work gloves, work boots, and tools I wouldn’t for the life of me be able to name hanging off their belts. They look concerned for my sake. What’s broken? What happened? How can we help? They think it must be something upstairs in the executive suites, and they’re ready to go. Many put down what they were doing and took actual steps forward, hero-like.

I’m close to whining. “My high heel is broken.” I lift up my foot and show the heel, pushing at it to demonstrate how it is unhinging.

There’s a pause, and then all the guys erupt in laughter.

Then the laughter subsides and they rush to get me superglue. Two guys explain ebulliently how to use the superglue. One offers to do it for me, but I’m too embarassed to accept. I take the glue, thank them, and hobble back up the stairs to my office to fix my shoe.

There’s the fixed heel, or at least photos of it while the glue was drying. If my high heels look worn and old, it’s because they are. I’ve had this pair of shoes for at least 10 years. You read that right. TEN years. That’s why I was so distraught when the heel broke. This pair of high heels has been in my life longer than most of my present girlfriends.

Moving on to other utterly miscellaneous updates, I got a new handbag.

The above isn’t exactly an OOTD post, since you can’t see my outfit; maybe I can call it a HOTD photo, for Handbag Of The Day. That is the SDMarvel Simpatico Classic in black, from the Sabatina Series. Direct site link here. I adore this hobo tote. I don’t mean to hard-sell here at all. It’s a sincere, personal review of SDMarvel, a well-established line of RTW designer handbags over in Asia. The Simpatico Classic is great when I’m going for a more laid-back but still put-together style.

Alrightey. Will keep this blog posted on the forthcoming samples.

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