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Taryn Zhang featured on Handbag Designer 101

 Screen shot taken from “All Designers” page at HBD101 (September 29, 2010) On or about (anyone out there other than lawyers use the phrase “on or about”?) August 2009, when I first started researching stuff on designing and how to start … Continue reading

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Progress Report: Hodge podge summary

This post will be a hodge podge summary of events, most TZ-related, some not so much. Please note that I have not bothered to edit or organize this for coherency. So good luck. Here we go. Last Wednesday I got … Continue reading

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Taryn Zhang featured in Schema Magazine

Schema Magazine is a refreshing, cutting edge online journal highlighting the North American Asian Diaspora, with a focus on Asian Canadian arts and subculture. The ‘zine has been on my radar for quite some time, well before I started Taryn … Continue reading

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Day in the life + Production update

Hubby and I attended an inaugural dinner for one of those professional associations we’re affiliated with, just one of those events attended by all the local politicians for schmoozing, where people with a lot of money get honored for donating a … Continue reading

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Preview: Our lookbook photo shoot

Yesterday’s photo shoot was an invaluable experience. Abstractly, I accepted the notion that photo shoots must be tough work, but yesterday there was nothing abstract about it. I learned firsthand that you need to have Olympic-level stamina and no matter … Continue reading

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