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Hubby and I attended an inaugural dinner for one of those professional associations we’re affiliated with, just one of those events attended by all the local politicians for schmoozing, where people with a lot of money get honored for donating a little bit of that money, and where folks bring a stack of their own business cards to hand out. Hubby and I, though, we stuck to ourselves. There were a couple of encounters after which he’d lean in and whisper to me, “You should have brought up your purse business. That was a great chance to get your name out.”

Unfortunately I’m still not able to think like that. I still can’t see moments as opportunities; I still see moments as moments. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to adopt the salesman mentality. Oh wells. We’ll get TZ’s name out in other ways, I guess. =/

(Note: The above clutch in real life is very dark black, like the Workaholic tote. I don’t know why it looks almost gray in the above pic.)

I did bring one of my TZ clutches with me, and doing so made me realize it needed more pockets. I made a mental note to include more compartments. The interior needs lots of pockets, expandable pockets that will fit chunky objects like makeup compacts or digicams, and just a small folder slit of a pocket for easy access to business cards.

The material chosen for the clutch also bothered me. It is made with the same exact material as its corresponding bag (e.g., the above clutch comes as a set with the Catalyst briefcase, when purchased). However, it’s a very “daytime” material. I’m thinking I should make the corresponding clutches out of a more evening-appropriate material, but then it won’t look right coming in as a set with the briefcase. Right? What should I do?

Also, I’ve been carrying around the Catalyst briefcase all week (to court, too!) and I love this bag. Love, love, love it. Of course I would say it was the cutest briefcase any lawyer sported that morning in the courthouse and the utter lack of objectivity renders that statement a bit moot, but I’m going to say it anyway. It was the cutest briefcase any lawyer sported that morning in the courthouse! Omigosh! I felt so sharp and awesome carrying it!

Earlier this week Sherrie, our photographer from the Heidi photo shoot sent me the DVD of all the photos we took last Saturday. Hubby and I are slowly going through them to select the ones we want for the lookbook and website. She sent it with the above thank you card, which she made herself. That’s right. That’s her sketch! I am floored. Woman can draw! Sherrie of Shaire Productions, everyone! Round of applause.

Now I think it best to preface not-so-good news with a cute kitty pic. There’s my little prince. He looks snooty and irritated, like he’s doing me a huge favor by posing for the camera. I find his hauteur absolutely adorable.

As for production of our Alpha Collection, it’s a less than ideal situation right now. In a nutshell, a real shady bait-and-switch was pulled on us. Now we’re in a bit of a WTF situation with an overseas manufacturer, and we’re trying to sort things through. It was so bad I wanted to scream out and punch the walls.

So, dear readers and prospective buyers, thank you but so sorry. If production is delayed, well, just when things start to seem too good to be true, something’s got to bring you back down to ground level.

Closing on a brighter note, here are two preview pics from the Heidi shoot:

99% of the photos we took were non-smiling ones, and I get that’s the “high fashion” thing to do, but I much, much prefer the smiling pics. Like the one immediately above this text. Just looking at that pic makes the viewer happy. Right?

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