Progress Report: Hodge podge summary

This post will be a hodge podge summary of events, most TZ-related, some not so much. Please note that I have not bothered to edit or organize this for coherency. So good luck. Here we go.

Last Wednesday I got half the day off from work and spent the afternoon waiting in line at the DMV. (Isn’t that how you like spending your time off?) Figuring it’d be one of those afternoons I go unnoticed, I looked like crap–hair in a messy braid, T-shirt, knit duster sweater, and jeans.

Everybody knows the lines at the DMV are long, so I thought I’d bring my big swatchbook binder of fabrics and pass the hours by doing final swatch selections for the Alpha Collection. I’m working on the second round of sampling, this time each design in every color I am entertaining that design coming in.

The briefcases in the collection are meant for businesswomen and their regular size file folders, or at biggest, those legal size 14-inch files or documents. They don’t fit my giant swatchbook binder. However, the Peripatetic does! So that’s what I lugged to the DMV.

A girl in line — blonde, very tanned, looked like a student, with a bubbly personality — commented on the color of my bag. She said it was a cute shade of pink, and how she loves pink. What brand is it? she asks, bending forward to study the TZ logo plaque. “I’ve never seen that logo before,” she tells me, pointing to the plaque.

My first thought was to jump up and down, reciprocate her bubbliness and announce that I in fact designed it, then proceed on a truncated version of how I got started, write down the URL on a scrap piece of paper for her, exchange e-mail addies and then the two of us could subsequently become BFFs.

My second thought? I look like crap right now. And that second thought overpowered the first. I didn’t want her to associate Taryn Zhang with the way I looked at that moment.

“It’s Taryn Zhang,” I said.

“Nice. That’s nice,” she said back.

I knew and she knew that I knew that she had never heard of Taryn Zhang before, but neither one commented further. In my mind I could see this moment as a boat, sailing away beyond my periphery. Darn it. If I had bothered to slap makeup on my face that morning, spent a few extra minutes doing my hair and matching my outfit better, I wouldn’t be standing here stupid and evasive.

At least I’m not always that stupid and evasive. I was at court the other day for a hearing and brought along the Ambitionist brief, as it is the perfect fit for my case files. (I paired it with a black pinstripe Anne Klein pant suit.) A fellow female attorney, one in her 40s I’m guessing, remarked, “That is one elegant looking bag!”

That time, unlike the incident at the DMV, I beamed a smile and replied excitedly that I had in fact designed the briefcase and am trying to launch my own line of handbags and accessories for professionals like her and me. I even pulled out the matching clutch, which I was using as a wallet, and showed her how much content said wallet could fit.

The woman recommended that I query those catalogs that cater specifically to lawyers or business executives. She assured  me if she saw my briefecase in one of those lawyer product catalogs, she would absolutely order one, in “that elegant lavendar color.”

I’m considering her advice, though I’m not so sure that my bags are a fit with those lawyer product catalogs. I’ve seen those lawyer product catalogs before. Items in there always seem to lack…color. Among other elements… Guess we’ll see.

Finally, this past weekend my parents, Hubby, and I went on a getaway to Napa Valley.

The top two and bottom left photos above were taken at Sterling Vineyards, and the bottom right photo taken at Castello di Amorosa, where Hubby and I discovered that there is a wine we can agree on. Sweet wines. Typically he prefers the reds and I prefer the whites, but we both meet each other halfway on the sweets.

Mom, Dad, and Hubby.

My mother sort of has an Asian Anna Wintour thing going on with her A-line bob and designer sunglasses. See Anna Wintour Image, Photo Credit:; Anna Wintour, Wikipedia entry.

Please note I am not carrying a neon green purse. It’s one of those insulated lunch bags that my mother made me bring. She was afraid we might get thirsty. At a winery. So she made me tote around bottled water. Of course, no one ended up drinking the water. Because we were at a winery. When we got thirsty, we drank wine. Sigh. Mothers.

“Why are you taking photos of the lamp post?” asked my father.

“You never know what might inspire a design,” I answered. And I had found that particular lamp post to be quite inspiring.

Hubby and me on the air tram at Sterling Vineyards.

My hair in these photos should be looking a lot better than in previous blog posts because I just got it done by my favorite hairstylist in the world, Jenna, who is also the only person in this world who can tame my crazy hair.

There’s Hubby taking random pictures of me while I’m not looking.

We conclude with kitty pics.

The above photos were taken with a webcam before I got my hair done by Jenna (while the winery photos were taken after). This hodge podge summary was not in chronological order.

Taryn Zhang 2011 Ad Campaign Facebook Album

Taryn Zhang 2011 Ad Campaign Facebook Album.

P.S. In case some folks didn’t get the memo, we’ve posted a handful of preview pics from the photo shoot for the 2011 ad campaign up on our Facebook page. Click here for direct link.

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