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Screen shot taken from handbago.com (September 3, 2010)

All my thanks and gratitude to Nicole over at Handbago, who does a fantastic job covering both emerging and established designers. Please show some love to Handbago and also check out my feature at http://www.handbago.com/blog/handbags-working-woman-taryn-zhang-new-york posted today.

If I may reprint the words that made me glow:

Working women of the world, rejoice!  Taryn Zhang New York debuts their first collection for Fall 2010.  The line includes handbags, briefcases and accessories for the corporate woman and are fashionable while being functional.  Designer Sunny Woan is a corporate attorney by day and designer by night.  She birthed her collection after being pressured to have a child by her parents.  Not ready to leave the corporate world for motherhood, Sunny created her collection and named her company as if it was her daughter.

The bags are structured with clean lines and bold colors and are meant to compliment the women behind the inspiration.  The women that carry Taryn Zhang are professional yet feminine, strong individuals that fit in with the corporate world dominated by men.  Each bag in the Taryn Zhang Alpha collection is “named after a certain facet of the alpha woman: Workaholic, Precisionist, Executive, Catalyst, Peripatetic and Ambitionist.”  The bags themselves are all made of microfiber vegan leather.  Sunny is dedicated to being animal and cruelty free.  The bags are expertly made and structured to perfection.  Check out the collection on the Taryn Zhang Designer Page and tarynzhang.com.

The Executive, by far my favorite, is a satchel brief that comfortably fits manila folders and work documents.  The design is architectural and structured, a must for fall and the bright color lets any woman-in-charge show off her style while still being work appropriate.

We are definite fans of Taryn Zhang New York and see great things in this designer’s future!

And we here at Taryn Zhang are definite fans of Handbago! Thank you, Nicole, for giving us our first feature!

Screen shot taken from handbago.com (September 3, 2010)

Talk about borderline Twilight Zone to see my bag clumped in with those titan fashion houses. There’s Fendi, Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Bulgari…and oh! There’s Taryn Zhang! Next somebody’s going to come and tell me that pigs are flying. Seriously.

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