Thank you, Mae; you are a kindred spirit.

Credit: Photo from Mae's Thereafterish blog.

Mae of Thereafterish is a fashion blogger who I have been following for some time. What I love most about Thereafterish is Mae’s candor and charm. Plus, in every photo she looks ultra-feminine, sweet, like one of those pretty girls with twinkling eyes. She makes you think to yourself, “I bet her eyes twinkle.” Not everybody’s eyes twinkle, that’s why I bring it up. Only kindred spirits have twinkling eyes.

Alrightey now that I sound like I’m going to break out with the Lord Tennyson poems, let me get to my point. Yes, she’s all that prettiness and honey molasses, but I’m darn sure if I’m reading people correctly, Mae’s also tough as carbon steel. I love, love, love, respect and admire women who are tough as carbon steel.

Even if she never featured Taryn Zhang on her blog (and yes, now we’ve gotten to the real real point of this post, a shameless self-plug and a proud “yay people are writing about us” moment), I would still adore her. [Psst… go check out her blog and read her write-up on TZ! Direct link here.] The photos she posted, which I took (yucky) are awful, and I am so sorry about it. They do NOT do any justice to the beautiful bags, I promise you. That was the first– FIRST time I ever picked up a camera that wasn’t a credit-card-size digicam for pointing-and-shooting and first time I ever tried to take serious photos of something other than vacation scenery, friends, or family.

Mae pretty much nicely said, “Girl, you gotta work on the photography,” and I pretty much said back, “Yeah. Yes I do.”

Alrightey, one more pic of her before I call it a post:

Credit: Photo from Mae's Thereafterish blog.

I know. I be advertising other designers’ handbags on my handbag site. That’s just how I roll.

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