La’ Mod designs by Christina Brooke

One is told that the only jewelry acceptable in the corporate setting are strings of pearls or dainty little chains with the smallest possible pendants. I’ll challenge that and contend that designer Christina Brooke’s La’ Mod scarf necklaces will look fantastic at the office.

Photo Credit: La' Mod. Pictured: The Black Elegance scarf necklace from the Lady Bold collection, designed by Christina Brooke.

These unique and stunning pieces are a mix of semiprecious stones, metal chain, and luxurious-feeling fabric. I did not need to look up the designer’s education to figure she probably has a background in architecture. The construction of her scarf necklaces are impeccable.

That architectural sensibility is part and parcel to Christina Brooke’s designs. Add a Miami flair to the pot and you’ve got La’ Mod. I’m so in love with her line I don’t know what to do with myself. And typically I’m the farthest thing from Miami style one can get.

I’m only able to take full-length shots with the webcam; hence the grainy quality. (In the hand hidden from view, I’m holding a wireless mouse. That’s how I’m taking the pics with the webcam from so far way. Ridiculous, or resourceful? Not so sure.)

And ooh! This is officially my first OOTD post! Exciting. Well, not really. The most exciting thing I have on is the Black Elegance scarf necklace by La’ Mod, from its Lady Bold collection. Check out Christina’s website and blog for more details.

Rest of my outfit: Shirt is from Express. I didn’t even buy it myself. I picked it out of my sister’s closet. =) Oh– the pants are kind of special. I designed them. When I was 19 years old. 10 years later, I still fit them! Pumps are Franco Sarto. Clutch is the Ambitionist clutch (Taryn Zhang, of course).

Yay for bathroom pics! These I could take with the digicam. And in the above one, earrings are a gift from the husband back when he was still just a boyfriend, and the sunglasses on my head are Oscar de la Renta.

Photo Credit: La' Mod. Pictured: Designer Christina Brooke wearing one of the signature La' Mod headbands.

Now that Christina Brooke has established herself as a jewelry designer (she also makes amazing headbands), she’s working on launching her first line of handbags. If La’ Mod isn’t already on your style radar, then it needs to get on it now. Like the scarf necklaces, her handbags will definitely be unique in construction, sassy, edgy, and not an accessory that will let you go unnoticed!

Photo Credit: La' Mod. Pictured: A way better image of the scarf necklace than I could have taken. Isn't it gorgeous?

That’s what I love most about Christina’s work. You’ve got to be a confident woman with presence to pull off La’ Mod, or else her sensational headbands, scarf necklaces, and now handbags will overpower your look. La’ Mod designs compel you to up your own ante and match the vim and strength of her pieces. They’re like talismans. I feel awesome when I wear her accessories!

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  • Emma

    OMG ! That necklace is Beautiful ! You look Great in these pics as well. : )
    Once I get more organized I will have to visit your friends site. I really want one of those necklaces. It will go Great with my TZ handbag !

  • AppleSidra

    Emma, you would look perfect in these necklaces! They’d really gel with your style.

  • Christina Brooke

    Thanks so much for such a sweelt blog about the necklaces! I am so happy you liked yours!
    Christina B

  • Curls and Pearls

    Beautiful necklace! Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog :) You are one talented lady!

  • tz

    Just don’t forget us little people when La’ Mod goes big! ;-)

  • tz

    Thank you, and thanks for visiting~!

  • herwaisechoice

    Wow, that necklace is gorgeous! I love me some statement jewelry and that is definitely a piece I would want in my collection. Those pants are amazing and I was about to ask where you got them and saw that you designed them! Are they made of silk? They look super breezy and comfy :) I can’t wait to see where your bag designs take you. I love the lines of the design!

    Have a great day!

  • Susu Paris Chic

    I love your classy, poised chic. Perfect for a good day at the office. I love dressing up ‘properly’, then also letting loose and experimenting.

  • AppleSidra

    Thanks so much for the comment on the pants! I’m actually not sure what the pants are made of, lol. I found the fabric at the arts store, loved it, bought a ton of yards of it, and then worked with a tailor to make the pants I designed.

  • AppleSidra

    Same here. =) Btw, I *LOVE* your artwork! I just ventured over to your site and am floored!

  • Guest

    The necklace definitely has potential but I think the metallic looking chain almost makes it look S&M-ish. I like the contrast of the two different materials but it could possibly be one of those things that separately, they’re great material; but combined together, doesn’t really make sense. But I LOVE the headband. It’s tres tres cute and I want to know where I can order one for myself!

    As for the pants, I didn’t care for the pants. It almost seemed to me like if a circus clown that walks on stilts from the 70s was to go into a high-end corporate office today for an interview, that is what he or she would wear. You’re a very skinny lady and those pants did not flatter you well. The hip area is just very off.

    As for the pants, I didn’t care for the pants. It almost seemed to me like if one of those circus clowns that walk on stilts was to go into a high-end corporate office for an interview, that is what he or she would wear. You’re a very skinny lady and those pants did not flatter you well.

  • tz

    Hello, Guest! Thank you for your candor. As for the headbands, you can order them here: They are stunning, aren’t they? If you go to La’ Mod’s website, you’ll find even more styles of headbands. Enjoy!

  • Fashionchampagne

    great post xxxx

  • Susu Paris Chic

    Thank you for your vote! And even more, thank you for your encouraging and first and fomemost savvy comments on my fashion illustrations. I so admire your career and what you have built.
    Do you think that I could actually find work as a fashion illustrator? I am in fact hoping to find something related to art. I am so tired of my dull day job.

  • EmilythePanda

    Beautiful necklace! You should post more outfit of the day posts too!

    Re: the Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit

    I am in the process of trying it out. I like the concealer, I chose the correct color online somehow! But, as a “kit” that is supposed to be on the go, the product fails. I took the sticker off for the powder pot, and there was a superfluous amount of powder now on the bottom part of the kit, and every time I open that section some powder poofs out and it’s wasted.

    I’d recommend it, if you are certain you will leave the kit at home and upright at all times! I wish I didn’t take it to work with me today! Also, the powder puff that comes with the kit does not fit in it either… Overall I would say it’s a good product with poor design

    Emily//the lesser panda

  • Asincajuns (Cath)

    Not only is that necklace beautiful, you look gorgeous wearing it! I love the scarf part – it’s a nice balance with the metal and jewels. Also, i can’t believe you designed those pants! They look amazing!

  • Hanna

    Chains are very popular now these days and I don’t think there is a “racyness” to the necklace at all! They go in a swooping pattern so it isn’t too crazy for the office but bold enough to make a statement. As far as the different material, it adds more interest! I like the paradox between the materials in the necklace; chains are usually in the end of the necklace and it is reversed in this design.
    I actually liked the pants, obviously one wouldn’t wear them to an interview but it can be appropriate for work in some situations. The only thing that I can critique about the pants is that the crouch area looks a smidge too long. Why can’t skinny girls wear wide legged pants? They elongate the legs, they can be flattering on anyone if they know how to wear them correctly.

  • MizzJ

    I like how you styled the necklace, you took the more casual, edgy elements and made it work for the office by pairing it with such plain basics. Those pants are cool! I doubt I could pull those off as I’m a miniature person :P

  • AppleSidra

    Thanks, MizzJ! There are construction issues with the pants, for sure, but overall, I like them too! =)

  • mae lu

    I rather love your outfit! It’s a lot less corporate-stuffy as you have previously led me to believe, Miss Sunny. The pants… lovely. I like how perfectly the shirt fits you. No puckering, no tugging, no muffin top. The pants are really, really nice. They elongate your lines and makes you look tall, poised and graceful.

    The necklace… I think even in corporate environments, jewelry is becoming more showy, more elegant, and more edgy. It’s becoming more and more acceptable as jewelry in the mainstream is getting more and more flamboyant and out-there. More demure, tame versions of this are acceptable for the office so long as you keep the rest of your attire on the conservative side, which is exactly what you did here.

    I really do like it. It’s not my style, but these are lovely designs.