Press Release: Betty Chan, Publicist for Taryn Zhang

Betty Chan, one of my fellow sorority sisters, has joined the Taryn Zhang team. She’ll be on top of Public Relations for the company. Betty is talented, energetic, and vivacious, which are qualities we’ll need to push us forward. She publishes a personal blog, Have A Little Faith In Beauty, which is not affiliated with Taryn Zhang New York, but you should check it out anyway, especially if you’re interested in all things beauty, fashion, and style.

To debut her to our fellow blog readers, I sat down with her for a quick one on one.

Sunny: So tell me about yourself.

Betty: I’m a very extroverted, open-minded person, and love meeting new people. I love watching baseball and also, am quite the foodie, always trying new dishes. But what sets me apart is my dedication. I always put everything I’ve got into a project and if I commit to do something, you’re guaranteed that it will get done.

[Sunny: Betty received a degree in Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations. She previously interned at a major PR firm and is now working for a New York real estate investment group. From what I know of her, Betty is very much a Manhattanite girl!]

Sunny: How would you describe your style?

I love following trends and love to accessorize, but since I also work a corporate job, I like to keep it professional and work-appropriate, though my style will always go on the edge of bold. Although I love the look of heels and platforms, I am usually in flats, because I find that I work faster and more efficiently in them. As much as I am into fashion, I also appreciate practicality, and oftentimes when you’re working at a fast-paced, demanding office job, heels just aren’t practical. Overall I would say I have a crisp, clean style.

Sunny: What drew you to Taryn Zhang?

Betty: I love how the bags are not only very fashionable, but are made from love and inspiration. The designs are original and not only perfect for the corporate office, but so versatile that any of these bags would work with other times of the day for any event. It makes a working female’s lifestyle so much easier to manage.

Sunny: What are some of your ambitions?

Betty: My personality is suited for being a publicist, or possibly a wedding planner. I knew early on I wanted a career in PR, and have always intuitively performed public relations work for the various organizations I have been affiliated with throughout the years. I’m excited about this opportunity to contribute my knowledge and expertise to Taryn Zhang, and hope it will help me toward launching my own PR firm someday.

Sunny: Tell me about a woman you admire, and why.

Betty: Michelle Obama. She’s a great role model. She’s a mother, a wife, the first lady, etc. She has so many titles to her name and so many eyes on her, yet she still is able to carry herself with confidence, elegance, and grace. She’s definitely someone who knows how to hold herself up and stay true to everything that she is and what she believes in.

All Photo Credits for this Post: Betty and Betty's Mister.

[Sunny: Wow, and does she accessorize well! I love how in each outfit depicted above, Betty’s minimal but distinct accessories add youth, personality, and a refreshing and vibrant style to what would otherwise be simple officewear. In the right pic above, I love the mix of prints.]

Betty will be helping Taryn Zhang with our future trunk shows, runway show collaborations with other emerging designers, and much more.

To contact her directly, e-mail betty /at/

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