Progress on the Taryn Zhang “Shop Online” Page

No, sadly, our bags are not for sale yet. I’ve been updating the shop page on our website, however, and thought I’d share the brainstorming process. I needed a way to organize the collection on the shop page and came up with the above four categories.

There are two types of shoppers, shoppers who go by the look first, and then contemplate utility as an afterthought, and shoppers who go by use first, and then consider aesthetic appeal. The Taryn Zhang woman looks at use first, so I figure that’s how I’d organize the shop page. You select the category per your needs, and then browse the applicable handbags for the one that suits you best, in form and function.

Now there was quite a bit of digital meddling in those pics, the most obvious one being the “corporate conservative” image, which is all sorts of symbolic.

I might switch out the “creative professional” image for another, even though I love the above photo of Teresa. When working on the images, in that photo I initially saw “very cool chic” and “bright colors.” That’s why I used it. The photo perfectly captured the essence of “creative professional” for me. But several male friends and colleagues saw that same photo and instantly zoned in on the boobs. They alerted me to this…this natural emphasis…and now whenever I look at that image, that’s all I see too! Arrgh.

The pic of Carolina at left is the original photo we took, cropped. The pic at right is the one we digitally altered so that she could go from outdoor to indoor. How much fun is that! Plus, the indoor pic captures the essence of “casual professional” way better than the original outdoor pic.

Spot the differences between the two pics above. Here, Heidi is “driving” the Porsche Turbo Cabriolet with the Taryn Zhang Peripatetic in pink sitting shotgun. To shoot the original, the passenger door was open so that the photograph could be taken, but that means the overhead light is on. I had to figure out some way to turn that light “off.” Also, I got rid of the no-smoking-airbags tag from the sun shade flap thingie. Finally, behind Heidi is a blue wall, and in the original you can see the seam where two blocks of the blue concrete come together. It’s gone in the altered pic at right, so that the blue can somewhat pass as blue sky.

Now the hard part: Figuring out that whole shopping cart function. I prefer to be hands-on and do things myself…until I confront the realization that I’m grappling with something beyond my skills and capabilities, and that’s when we start hunting for help. So at this point, I’m still DIY-ing the shopping cart thing, but it’s going way over my head. May need help soon. =/

By the way, our official debut collection lookbook is also complete. Yay! Thank you, Yuna Oh, for designing it.

I’ve been MIA on this blog and took a brief hiatus from TZ work due to a sudden overload at the day job. This is the first weekend in a long time both Hubby and I are free. Another magazine has graciously shown their support for us by picking up a story on our company, and are requesting photos. So I may make Hubby dress up again for yet another impromptu photo shoot. Oh, you know how he loves that.

A while back I managed to convince him to pose for the camera. He’s usually so reluctant. One photo and that was all I would get, he said. I better make it count, because he didn’t want to do it again. Hubby’s camera shy. =)

The image at left above is a hastily-drawn thumbnail sketch of the portrait I wanted for the pic. The sketch itself was on a scrap piece of paper done in ballpoint pen, just to show Hubby.

“Where and how do you plan on taking that?” He asked.

“I don’t know.”

He sighed, but then said fine, he’d figure it out. Hubby’s got a pretty good eye and did such a great job with it, and mind you he only had the thumbnail sketch at left above to go by, that I had to post the before and after side by side for comparison. He mounted our camera on a tripod and that’s how this photo was taken. Not bad for two inexperienced people who have no idea what they’re doing!

Progress photo of the Peripatetic weekender, back view, in Soft Pink

As for production…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year re: this business, it’s to multiply whatever estimate or projection you’ve got by 3 and that multiplied number will be closer to reality. And I don’t set unreasonable ridiculous goals, by the way. I sensibly project what I think it’ll take, but then what ends up happening is that projection times 3. So there’s something to look out for, those of you who want to start in this line of business. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

Oh, and for those who complain that I never do outfit posts… as you can see it’s because I’m never wearing remarkable outfits to post about. Will nevertheless carpe this opportunity do report on the OOTD.

Anatomy of this outfit:

  • Shirt: Belldini
  • Skirt: Tahari by Arthur S. Levine
  • Handbag: Executive by Taryn Zhang
  • Shoes: DKNYC

And all the jewelry is sentimental. The pearl necklace is from my mother. The jade ring on my right hand is from my mother-in-law. The gold ring on my left is from my grandmother. Oh, and the color of my contacts and nail polish match! Isn’t that nifty?

On Hubby: Pierre Cardin shirt (that should have been ironed!) and tailor-made suit pants.

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