Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you Emma from Bella’s Closet for nominating me! I’m about as stylish as a lump on a log, but I happily accept my award anyway!

In compliance with the meme, here are SEVEN (7) facts about me:

ONE. I am the managing editor of Kartika Review, a national Asian/Pacific American literary arts journal. Earlier this year Kartika launched an initiative called The 500 Project, which seeks to scour the country for 500 individuals who answer YES to the question, “Does Asian American literature matter?” If you’re an APA reader or writer, click on the above logo to learn more. We want to feature and profile you! Or, please help us forward the call. See:

TWO. I am a sister of Sigma Psi Zeta and pledged with the Delta Chapter back in… oh, you don’t need to know the year. I do not usually advertise my Greek affiliation. Not sure why I felt like doing so for this meme. Bonus points for whoever can find out my pledge name. =)

THREE. In my spare time, I enjoy writing literary fiction, which may explain Fact #1 above.

FOUR. I confess: I’m an ailurophile. I am particularly in love with the above-pictured kitty, Prince Marshall Rimbaud the Great, also known as Guai Guai.

FIVE. The above photo is a snapshot of what I looked at for several hours last week and will again this week. I’m a transactional attorney, which means I do not typically step foot in a courtroom, but lately I’ve had to. And…if you can make out the plaque on the table, that’s also typically the side I represent when I do have to go to court. (I hope it isn’t getting too evident that I am running out of facts about myself…)

SIX. As soon as I come home from work and step through the front door, the resident kitty will come running to greet me. Every single time. Never fails. We both have attachment issues. Refer back to Fact #4… 

Guai Guai is also why Taryn Zhang only sells vegan leather. First, I thought about someone skinning my cat and turning him into a handbag. The horror! Then I thought, how is that different from a cow or python or what else have you!? And the more I thought about it, the less I could bring myself to offer genuine leather.

SEVEN. I am Taiwanese American. Wa shee dai wan lang. Wo shi tai wan ren. Actually, I’m in significant part Hakka, but that’s beside the point and getting way too ethnically complicated.


In further compliance with this meme, I pass the award on to the following bloggers:

  1. Have A Little Faith” – Betty has a sharp, urban, urbane style. And she needs to blog more frequently. So this is my way of pushing her. (Betty is also a fellow Sigma.)
  2. Tiny in NYC” - A fellow barrister, Em is as intelligent as she is pretty. She dresses the way I wish I dress! Her style blog is every level of fabulous.
  3. Thereafterish” – One of my favorite personalities, Mae has a unique voice in the style-bloggie circuits. Her wardrobe is sassy, creative, full of color, textures, and patterns.
  4. Solo Lisa” – Lisa– oh my goodness– Lisa is so, so chic. She never goes wrong in any of her OOTDs. Ever. And I’m loving her recent ventures into vlogging!
  5. the VersaStyle” – Annette is the most fashion-forward style blogger I read.  Her style is bold, edgy, and fierce. And she’s a talented photographer to boot! (Get it, hehe? To boot? She designs footwear. Sorry. I’m lame.)
  6. 80,000 Words” – Christine is a writer, but one with an amazing sense of style, always sophisticated and polished. (Christine is a fellow editor on the Kartika board.) I would love it if she participated in this meme, even if she isn’t per se classified as a style blogger.
  7. Niniane’s Blog” – Also not per se classified as a style blogger, I still nominate Niniane because I love her blog. And I’ve seen her style. Impeccable. Guys totally fawn over this one, and for good reason! Her blog (and style) rocks!

I would have nominated Emma for the award as well, but she’s the one who nominated me. =) Thanks, again!

Instructions in a nutshell. Link back to the blogger who awarded you. Set forth seven (7) facts about yourself. Nominate up to seven (7) other bloggers deserving of the award. Be sure to include the Stylish Blogger Award logo somewhere in the post.

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  • ChristineZ

    hahaha! I love that I’m nominated–sometimes I feel like a frumpy Berkeley-Californian out here in Manhattan. But I will represent! :) Thank you.

  • tz

    I have no idea what you are talking about! You always look good! I love your style. And there isn’t one drop of frump to you. Even when you TRY to look frumpy, it’s like this classed-up sophisticated frump.

  • Emma Yamada

    You are very Beautiful and Stylish ! Your style shows through in your handbag designs.

  • ChristineZ

    (My mom calls that, in Korean, a “gu jee mut jjang ee”–which literally translates to “bum stylish”). Anyway, my post is done, and up!

  • ChristineZ
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  • tz

    Thank you! And thanks for the nomination in the first place! =D

  • tz

    Bum stylish is SOO the look! Gu jee mut jjang ee. Will need to remember that. Though most likely I won’t. I can barely remember Chinese, and that’s supposed to be a native tongue. Sigh.

  • The Versastyle

    TARYN!! You are the cutest thing on earth.. and so ridiculously talented. I love your little facts cuz I can totally relate… I love writing fiction as well… and as for the attorney thing.. I actually studied pre-law in college.. haha.. Glad that degree went to good use.
    Thank you for passing along the award and the super sweet words…

    heart you.

  • Em

    Humble thanks for the nomination! But stop being so modest…you deserve it!

    Patiently waiting for a TZ handbag to review :)

  • Mae Lu

    I wrote back! Check out my mention of you on my site! <3

  • The Versastyle

    it very randomly hit me today that i wrote Taryn when i meant to write Sunny…. silly me. I must be losing it this week..