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It has been raining non-stop here for days, which can only mean one thing: Spring is coming! I never cared much for fashion forecasting in the past, and 10 times out of 10 will opt for classics over trends, but lately I’ve been fixated on colors.

For this spring, I see the color trends governed by our pale economy here in the U.S., which may predispose us to neutrals, especially grays, beiges, and creams. Green energy technology and sustainable business practices have been a big focus this year, so I bet there will be an inclination for greens, especially dark forest greens because they complement the beiges and creams so well. I like pairing dark, dark green with a very light gray. Plus with all the conflicts still going on in the world right now (and U.S.’s involvement), I see the military inspirations continuing. Awful. Because I am quite over the military look. That’s both a fashion and a political statement.

On an optimistic note, the pops of color I will lean toward this spring are pastel-turquoisey-blue-greens and pink (not together though). I’m loving the pastel-turquoisey-blue-green color pictured above and will be accenting a lot of the beigy pieces in my closet with that pop of blue. As for the pink, a lot of the style forecasters are predicting “honeysuckle pink” to be in this coming season. If so, then pairing honeysuckle pink with white will be very cheerful and refreshing. I have a more subdued personality, so such a bright pink with white may be too much on me, so I’d tone it down to a cream. Honeysuckle pink and cream.

There’s my Precisionist satchel in a neutral beige. It’s a good accessory for Spring ’11! I’m also going to be loving the soft pink version of the Precisionist for spring vacation.

Photo Credit: Sherrie Thai. Model: Heidi W.

After I created my Spring 2011 color palette above, I checked online to see what the gurus have to say. It’s generally in line with what I thought and predicted myself, except there’s also orange. Again? Wasn’t orange big last spring? Or summer? Well orange was 2010. Yeah, I think it was summer. I was liking bright orange plus red lipstick at the time. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again so soon.

What will I bring back? Loving the wide-legged pants for these coming seasons! I’m so over the skinny jeans and leggings.

Now that’s an outfit I can wear: loose and comfy, but still clean-cut and put-together. And there’s my little pop of pink. Not exactly the pale pink I like or the “honeysuckle pink” that the experts want you to get behind, but still an appropriate Spring 2011 pink.

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