Tripping to Hong Kong: Departure

I wanted to get in an update before departing for Hong Kong. Internet access is going to be a maybe. However I will be documenting my factory visits, family reunions, and touristing, so please stay tuned.

Hubby is already in Hong Kong on business, so it’s been the kitty and me these last few weeks. Now it’s going to be just kitty holding down the fort. (Don’t worry; he’ll have human company.)

My carry-on bag will be the Peripatetic tote in lilac. I don’t particularly like this color scheme. It won’t appear in final production. The above was just a sample, though I am very much appreciating just how much junk the Peripatetic tote fits. (Try saying that as fast as you can ten times: Peripatetic tote. Yeah, I don’t know why I came up with these names.)

So what’s in my carry-on bag? Sunglasses, cosmetic bag (the green Mario Badescu one I got complimentary with an order), writing instruments, wallet, passport, cookies, my planner (I still jot things down in a paper planner; I haven’t gone electronic yet, probably never will), and reading/writing material. To read, there’s the Kindle I’ve grown quite fond of, but I’ve also brought books: a collection of poems by Edwin Arlington Robinson and The Essentials of Securities Regulation (work related, obviously; no I love reading about securities law for fun).

The kiddy cartoon notebook (Lisa Frank, a graphic designer I was obsessed with as a 10 year old girl) is the sketchpad I bring around when I carry a smaller purse. The bottom right more grown-up looking pad is the one I normally use for thumbnail sketches and documenting my inspirations. Actually, I made and bound that sketchpad myself! Beneath it (hard to see), a yellow legal pad because I would feel bare without one, and a trademark case file I need to work on even though I’ll be on vacay.

Look how neatly everything fits inside the Peripatetic! I really, really love this bag. And the shoulder strap is going to come in handy at the airport because both my hands need to be wheeling my luggage. (I’m a packrat.)

One last thing I forgot to show earlier: my wristband. Hubby has a matching one. Inside our names are inscribed, plus a sappy little message. We got this in Taiwan. Other people have wedding rings. We have these uber-sentimental wristbands we got at a street stand, inscribed by this scruffy guy with tattoos up and down his thick arms.

Again, I’m not loving the colors of this tote. And the chains look like a mess. I’ll have to figure out a way to deal with that as well. Overall, though, this is such a staple.

I cannot wait to report back on my adventures (and maybe even some misadventures) in Hong Kong. This is my first time there, so I don’t know what to expect. We’ll be visiting factories, watching how the bags get made, meeting the actual makers of these bags, meeting with designer friends, reuniting with family I haven’t seen in years, and eating…lots and lots of eating.

Bon voyage!

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