Featured at Miniskirt Murder & Winning the Vida Giveaway

Valerie of Miniskirt Murder featured me on her amazing blog and I am eager to share it with you! Her bio on the blog’s About page sums up why I am so fond of this gal: “Recovering attorney. Fledgling businessperson. Wannabe entrepreneur. Someday women’s empowerment expert (the kind of expertise that comes from experience, please).” Gee, I wonder who else that could describe. =X

Valerie and I have been exchanging e-mails on the highs and lows of both lawyering and our shared new adventures into entrepreneurship. She, like me, is starting her own small business. I highly recommend her blog, where she ruminates empirically on changing from the stable, known lifestyle of a litigation attorney to the high-risk, unknown ventures of a small busines entrepreneur. Writing wise, this woman has an amazing voice and style. She should write a book, a memoir or something! Oh, and while you’re there, please read: I know her! Sunny W. tells it like it is.

Speaking of reading…

signed copy of Vida by Patricia Engel

Christine, a writer, editor, and an amazing blogger, held a giveaway for a signed copy of Patricia Engel‘s debut Vida, which I by plum luck won. So I am just diving into Vida this week. Christine’s writing style is warm, heartfelt, and intimidatingly honest. That’s an odd adverb to use with “honest,” I know, but where I come from, that’s how it seems.

I don’t have much to report on the TZ front because lately my legal work has consumed all my time and energy. I’ve come to understand too painfully well the difference between a job and a profession. A job is something you can leave at 5 pm, or whenever the stated shift ends. A job is separate and distinct from your identity. A profession, on the other hand, is part of you, or at least something you’ve made (often unwittingly) part of your identity. There is no beginning or end to your shifts. You are your profession always, and that is both the professional’s honor and her burden. Now. Go read Valerie’s and Christine’s blogs! =)

Wanted to share another painting I’ve done this summer (previous summer painting work here). The above is of Hubby and me and yes, the background is an attempt at the New York City skyline. I’ve titled it “Love On A Summer Night” and it’s currently hanging in our living room.

And those were the photos I used as reference for the painting.

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