Bringing Back Amaranth Rose; And A Wedding

I went on and on here about how much I love the above swatch color, which I am dubbing Amaranth Rose (previously referred to as Amaranth Pink in the linked posts). Then, with heavy disappointment, I posted here about how the factory that makes this awesome material no longer makes it. The color was taken entirely out of production. So sad.

Then I thought and I thought and I thought. And thought some more. Did some number crunching, some introspection, some risk analysis, a little bit of everything that would ordinarily make a designer’s head ache. And then I decided.

After some heart to heart negotiations, we convinced the factory to bring it back! Just for us. It’s going to take a couple of months to make it, but that’s okay. We’ve waited this long already. What’s another two months?

We’ll be offering the Workaholic, Executive, and the Precisionist in this color. For the above two images, I scanned in the swatch card and my purse (my holding it steady over the scanner bed while I hit “Scan”) hoping this method would yield a more accurate visual of the color. It appears darker than it does in person. See the previously linked posts for what the color looks like when I shoot it head on with a DSLR, and also here and here.

So. It’s back. Amaranth Rose. I’m excited because I really, really love this color, but I’m also nervous now. Will the returns pay off? Who knows. I went with my gut and I guess by the end of 2012, if nothing else, we’ll know a little bit more about my guts.

Sorry for the lack of updates here. Earlier this month, my little sister got married. Hubby and I took some time off and visited Texas (for my first time) for the celebrations. Holy smokes is it ever hot in Texas! I don’t know how women stay put together down south. Your makeup melts off your face, your hair is perpetually frizzy, and I am a walking, sweaty, shiny mess. Horrors.

My sister agreed to let me post pictures of the beautiful newly wed couple. =P

Below is a pic someone took of Hubby and me. I think it was taken with a camera phone, so it’s kind of grainy. And don’t ask me what’s going on with my hairdo. Before the event, my sister took me to a salon, I sat down in a chair, and a lady did that to me. I had no say in it.

Let’s end with a cute photo of my sisters and me. Clearly, I’m the eldest. Clearly. Sigh. The woes of aging. Nothing makes you feel old like hanging out with two youthful younger sisters who are still full of fun and vivacity.

Oh, and although it isn’t pictured, let the record show that the TZ clutch I had with me at the wedding reception was in Amaranth Rose. =)

Found a pic. But it’s from the night before the wedding.

There’s Hubby and me. And Amaranth Rose. ::love::

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