Silver Lining

It’s been a series of bad news from me on this blog, I know; I can be such a blogosphere downer sometimes. So here’s a fresh moment of cheer:

Was greeted with that note on my Facebook Wall this morning. Both redacted names are high school buddies. How insane — insane in, oh, such a very, very good way!

Also, in the last few weeks I’ve received an overwhelming amount of warmth, encouragement, and support. (And Christmas order requests. Again, so sorry, but we have no inventory to sell right now. See previous few posts on this blog for why.)

Thank you, all. =)

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  • Betty Chan

    That’s a great start to a morning!! =) I’ll be one of those ladies to be stylin’ like cray cray with one of your bags in Brooklyn one day ;)

  • Emma Yamada

    That is Fabulous! I am excited for you!

  • Joey

    Awww…that’s so exciting! Can only imagine the little high you get when you see ladies strutting around with your bags.

    Btw, you asked me on my blog about the app for my giveaway (the form). I use this
    It’s supposed to be by invitation only. It will ask you for an invitation code, but it’s okay, just sign up anyway. They’ll let you have an account a couple of days later. That’s what I did anyway :)
    Makes life so much easier. It automatically asks for emails, but won’t display it (so privacy is assured) and at the end of the giveaway, it will help you select a winner at random