Big Mistake Re: Purse Hook Polish Wipes & First Giveaway Winner

I am pissed as f*** over the purse hook polish wipe things I ordered, although what can I say, maybe it’s my own darn fault.

You can’t tell from any photos I’d take of the wipes, but every wipe has embossed into it “Zheng Cheng Long.” I haven’t a f****** clue what that means nor do I care. It shouldn’t be there.

You would think after my many traumatizing experiences dealing with Chinese factories I would have known better than to order my polish wipe things from China, but I mean these were just polish wipe things, what could possibly go wrong?

I even specifically e-mailed the manufacturer prior to order, inquiring whether the wipes were completely blank, void of any designs, decorations, embossings, logos, etc. I explained who I was and what I needed the wipes for and emphasized how important it was that there were no designs, decorations, embossings, or logos of any kind on the wipes.

I mean, it was a great discounted deal. That should have been the second red flag. You get what you pay for. Still! I wouldn’t have ever expected the seller to outright lie to me!

So I now have a giant stack of purse hook polish wipes that are otherwise of good sound quality, except every one of them has “Zheng Cheng Long” embossed on them. Holy moly @#$%^&*. I don’t know what I’m going to do with these things now. I’m so pissed. So pissed. If this entire transaction had occurred in the States, you better believe I’d be seeking legal recourse. But it’s in China and ultimately, it’s just not worth pursuing. All I can do is wallow in my own fury.

The seller even had the audacity to include a Christmas card (see photo above). Gah!

Well. *breath, breath, exhale* I’ll figure something out.

In other cheerier news, let’s announce our first giveaway winner!

I opted for Excel’s random number generator. Here were the entrants:

Hubby, my finance whiz, showed me how to do this:

And the winner is…

Number 6, Laura, a “geektastic girl attempting creative proctastination” (her words, not mine) of “The Blog of Worldly Delights.”

Laura, my dear, I will be contacting you privately soon. I wanted to package the TZ purse hooks with the polish wipes and the velveteen drawstring bags, but at this point, we’re going to have to discuss further. As you can clearly see in the first part of this post, we’re having problems. Gah~!

Anyway, thanks for playing, everybody! ;-)

In other news…

Greetings from Lake Tahoe. I have paws!

Purse Hook Polish Wipes Update: I’ve been trying to negotiate with the seller. The seller not only refuses to acknowledge any fault or misrepresentation, she assures me that the “Zheng Cheng Long” is pretty. Pretty! That’s what she said! The words are pretty and is part of the decoration and design. Some people are incredible! :: sooo pissed ::

I tried again to take photos to show you what I’m talking about with the “Zheng Cheng Long.” (Below to the left is the back view of one of the TZ clutch samples. To the right–the wretched, blasted purse hook polish wipe things.)

If I do crazy funky things with the image in Photoshop, you get the following contrast, which makes the “Zheng Cheng Long” a little more visible:

Un-effing-believable! And then to add a farcical Merry Christmas card like you have no foresight that I, the buyer, will be royally pissed off… and then after I do get royally pissed off, to tell me “Zheng Cheng Long” is part of the decoration and design and it’s pretty?!

Some people (or sellers in China) are born with no shame at all. Bah humbug. Christmas indeed.

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  • thaoworra

    Aw. Someday this will all make an awesome movie or something. :) But in the meantime, nice paws and congrats to the winner!

  • Sherri Scott

    I can’t believe this happened. Could they have mixed up your order? I could see if it was TY instead of TZ  or they tried to spell your name and got it wrong. To go from a blank square to this and then to say it’s pretty…. I’m so mad for you.
    Love the panda paws :)
    Beauty and the Scientist

  • laura

    Oh em gee. that’s ridiculous. I cannot believe the gall of people to even argue after they know it’s their own mistake. oh well, at least you look adorable with panda paws!

  • AppleSidra

    lol thanks. I just can’t believe after all that, the seller tried to convince me the “Zheng Cheng Long” is PRETTY!

  • AppleSidra

    Haha thanks! =) OHH.. it’s called Beauty and the Scientist. Haha. Clever. I see what you did there. ;-) lol. Sorry, I wrote it in my Excel sheet as “Beauty & Science.” My bad!

  • AppleSidra

    Someday. Maybe. But not now. *head to desk* Doh.

  • Annette Tang

    ahhh i’m sooo mad for you!!!! i can’t believe they just lied like that!! i hope you have some better luck next year!!


  • Anonymous

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah that is so ridiculously frustrating.  There is nothing worse than people being just downright dishonest and gettings screwed out of your money :P  Discovered your blog today and very excited…you are awesome!  Following :)  Stop by and say hello!

    <3 Cambria

  • Anonymous

    OMG That is so annoying! A few months ago I ordered on DHGate, and although the listing did say that the seller might substitute some of the lot with other (pictured) items, I was very surprised when I got 1 (out of 36) items that matched the main descriptions, and 0 that matched the these-are-possible-replacements photos. As in, I sent $300 to China, and essentially got a surprise box, rather than what I ordered. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how anyone, anywhere, can think that is a justifiable business practice. Grrrr. I feel your pain.