Test Shooting & Progress Report

Stephen H. of Berkeley Photography ran a test shoot for us with some of our new samples. Carolina once again modeled for us.

Above is a behind-the-scenes snapshot I took with my camera phone.

Not sure if you can tell, but I’ve tweaked the Precisionist satchel a bit. See above. It’s different from the previous Precisionist.

Stephen’s photos are amazing. This was only supposed to be a test shoot, but we walked away with some phenomenal shots, which I will definitely be using in the 2012 lookbook. You will be seeing these pictures interspersed throughout the TZ website as well.

I love the Peripatetic shots– very summer-in-the-Hamptons-vacationy, if you ask me. That’s what I had told the photographer– “summer in the Hamptons vacationy for the Peripatetic, please”– and wow did he deliver. (Which is extra funny, considering we were shooting in the Bay Area. I’m currently out west in NorCal for work.)

No idea what I was doing at the time the above was taken and no idea why I look so freaky. It had something to do with Carolina modeling a TZ bag in the above pic and me “modeling”/carrying her bag (which isn’t a TZ…gasp!) while she’s working. It’s a really terrible picture, but everyone looks so happy I had to just post it.

TZ was on hold for a while due to other projects requiring my attention; likewise, this blog has also been idle. Will try to post more in the coming months!

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