Thank you, AA Limelight!

A huge thank you to Linh Phung from AA Limelight. She’s amazing and I expect to hear about all her inevitable great achievements in the future! Keep your eyes on her, folks.

Anyhoo. I did a video interview with AA Limelight. I haven’t been able to re-watch the video, not for more than 10 seconds of it, because I end up cringing, fumbling with my mouse to click it off, then hiding under my desk because hiding under my desk will definitely improve my speaking skills. It’s so hard watching or hearing yourself on a recording. “I don’t really look and sound like that…do I?”

Click here to visit the site or read the interview transcript.

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  • Beauty&theScientist

    I think you did very well and you’re so well spoken. I am truly impressed and admire how you’ve taken your first designs and nutured them into such an amazing business. I remember years ago the first sketch you shared with the world on xanga and now look. Simply amazing. You should be very proud :)   

  • AppleSidra

    Thanks so much, S! It *has* been quite the journey, hasn’t it!

    P.S. This may seem totally random, but you draw your liquid eyeliner so well! I can never get it right. I have watched a gazillion YouTube tutorials on it and I’ve tried all the different techniques proposed by all the different makeup gurus. My line still becomes a squiggle. You’d think if I can sketch the lines of a handbag I would be able to draw one measly line across my eyelid. But no.

  • Schema Magazine

    Aww you’re so cute on video! I think this was a great interview and you were very articulate in it.