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Tripping to Hong Kong: Departure

I wanted to get in an update before departing for Hong Kong. Internet access is going to be a maybe. However I will be documenting my factory visits, family reunions, and touristing, so please stay tuned. Hubby is already in Hong … Continue reading

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TZ Logo Ink Chops & Getting Our Property Back, Finally

Hubby just returned from China. He was there visiting his parents and also to settle some business for Taryn Zhang. More on that later. Of course he returned bearing goodies: candies, cookies, and Hello Kitty paraphernalia. When all that had … Continue reading

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Progress Report: Hodge podge summary

This post will be a hodge podge summary of events, most TZ-related, some not so much. Please note that I have not bothered to edit or organize this for coherency. So good luck. Here we go. Last Wednesday I got … Continue reading

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Meandering in Vegas

First off, that is not the “Vegas-y outfit” I referenced in a previous post, which I said I intended to wear. I ended up not even packing it because I chickened out. “I can’t honestly wear that in public! I’m … Continue reading

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Big Sur + R&R + Inspiration

Many of our friends and colleagues utilized the 3-day weekend to network, going to events throughout the city, but Hubby and I aren’t networkers of any sort to speak of. We spend our leisure time with each other (or I … Continue reading

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